Friday, October 2, 2009

Sleeping the Big Sleep, Alienology, The Unnamed

I spent a good chunk of time reading Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep yesterday, and I kind of enjoyed it. Sure, it's dated and is hard to read at parts. But it was no harder to read than The Lord of the Rings or most sci-fi/fantasy novels nowadays. A large percentage of those seem written in a foreign language.

I'm not revealing anything by saying my story 'The Ancient Monsters' has been accepted at Tales From the Void: Alienology, a forthcoming book. Thanks go to Michael C. Pennington for referring me there. My story seemed specifically tailored for it, so it seemed meant to be. I'd post the full list of stories to be published but couldn't find it. I'm really excited to appear in Alienology.

The Unnamed is progressing, which may come as a shock to anyone who knows the name of the unnamed (don't name it!). Who knows what the future will bring? November looms, but I'm not limiting myself or expecting a certain amount of writing. Better to let it come naturally.


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