Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It was a pretty cool feeling the other day when surfing the web I came upon a blog mentioning my story Three Revolvers on Mars, published at Aphelion. The blog is Marooned: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Books on Mars. They have a pretty cool place, check it out here.

There's a project I'm starting now that, due to well-founded superstitions, I refuse to disclose. Sorry, just the way it goes. I won't even say another word about it, not even to my girlfriend.

I've got some cool stuff on the horizon: Residential Aliens leaked it on their 'Coming Next Issue' tab so I'm not revealing anything new by telling you my story The Assassin, The Star, and The Steel Faced Man will be appearing there sometime in October. I'll be sure to post about it again whenever it actually goes up.

It's been a pretty good year for me: Afternoon Tea at Allegory, The Darkest Depths at Silver Blade, Shoo Fly and Three Revolvers at Aphelion, A Single Arrow at Moon Drenched Fables, The White House at Snap!, Brain Break at Planet Magazine, The Assasin-Star-Steel at Res Aliens, and a bunch more to come. One might actually begin to think I'm a writer.


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