Friday, September 4, 2009

Westerns, Not Late Rent and Doc.x

My girlfriend's favorite saying these days is FML (look it up). Today, the little saying applies.

Like an ass, I signed up last week to go first in presentations to our class. My topic is 'The Evolving Nature of Westerns'. Not a bad topic, there's certainly a multitude written about it. So why so pissy? Well, I go next week. So while some of the other students don't have to present until November or October, months from now, I get to go in less than one week, citing sources, etc. The worst part is that I volunteered, as I said, like an ass. We'll see how it goes.

'Not Late Rent' refers to our rent NOT being late. We (More specifically I) turned in our rent on time, and when we return home today, we get a late notice from the office. Where did the check go? It was put in the rent drop box. Someone has it, someone lost it, or it vanished into the fourth dimension. Now I have to watch my account to make sure someone else doesn't try to cash in on it. Again, we'll see.

You're probably familiar with Doc.x files. That's how new Word files are saved, I guess. Well, it's not compatible with my archaic version of Word, so the story I'm working on right now that I did quite a bit of typing of is gone (almost). I still have what's written by hand and I think my girlfriend can salvage the file with her fancy shmancy Mac, but we'll see.

Usually when this much bullshit happens so quickly, something positive follows. So, I'll keep collecting good karma and maybe I'll get an acceptance in the mail soon.

Thanks for reading.

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