Saturday, September 5, 2009


Pretty exhausted, had a long week this week of work, school, writing and shenanigans. Got our rent straightened out with the office, turned out it was entirely their fault. Did some research for my upcoming presentation, so I'm a bit more comfortable, and my girlfriend helped me fix the doc.x file back into good ol' fashioned Word 2003, so no writing was lost.

Tomorrow, we leave for Orlando for a day of shopping. That means Ikea, Millennium Mall, outlets, all manner of things I don't want to do. It's common knowledge among inner circles that I live life like a Buddhist monk, I'm happy so long as I have books, a word processor and a steady supply of caffeine (Okay, Buddhist monk doesn't apply).

What's next on the agenda? Well, I'm waiting for a story of mine to appear on a website that agreed to publish it, waiting on the September issue of another magazine to publish a different story, and I'm waiting for more stories to appear at later times. Not to mention I'm waiting for the usual responses (rejections) from other places I've submitted to. Despite all the shopping certain to take place tomorrow, I'm excited to get out of town and spend some time with my girlfriend. We don't get alone time very often, and get alone time together out of town even more infrequently. I'll be reading Blood Meridian or Dune on the way down, finishing one or the other, possibly flipping through Frankenstein as a refresher for my Wednesday class.

As for how my writing is going - meh. Working on a story, but the going is slow for now. I have to write some poetry or flash fiction for another class, neither of which are particularly my forte.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Sounds like you are too focused - hang out and have a good time this weekend!


  2. I'm sure you will surpass your expectation.
    Enjoy your days off.

  3. Thanks Sarka! Thanks Grandma! I did have a good time this weekend, even if it was spent watching Kaity shop.