Monday, September 7, 2009

Shopping Extravaganza

So we're back from Orlando and our apartment has received a minor upgrade in the form of some new shades, some new pillows and a slew of minor apparatuses. I abstained from buying much, seeing as my financial aid hasn't been disbursed yet. It was fun being together with the gf outside of the apartment and outside of J-ville. We spent the night with my parents in St. Augustine and headed back up today.

Despite it being a holiday today was ripe with various annoyances. Work called, randomly bothering me about a book I checked out that was a day overdue. A slew of bothersome assignments were due for my writer's workshop class online. Writing is easy for me but only when I'm not restricted. A fish can easily swim until you tie a brick to it. Regardless, I think I did a decent job. (Speaking of fish, check out the cool little thing I found! --->)

Still chugging along on my latest story, it's reaching around three thousand words and will probably cap about six thousand when finished, but before I go from A-Z I have to fill it in with all the other letters of the alphabet, so it's a work in progress. Obviously the process slows down with 12 hour work days and full time classes, along with required readings, assignments, my regular reading. . . Needless to say, it's a juggling act.

Check back soon, I should have stories appearing at Planet Magazine and Aphelion before the month's out. I also have a few more appearing come October, one of which I consider my worst story ever!


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