Friday, September 11, 2009

Presentations, Writing, Shaving

In a few hours I'll be standing in front of the class, discussing the evolving nature of the American Western, illustrating the changing themes and tropes of the genre since its inception. Its worth noting again that I'm the first to present in the class, and have had the least time to develop a thesis and prepare a presentation compared to the rest of the class. Regardless, I feel I've done a passable job. Special thanks to my girlfriend for helping me fix the nuances of my summary and works cited page and to my instructor as well for reading several renditions of the same paper, offering her advice. Hopefully I don't choke on the presentation.

Got a good chunk of writing done yesterday, loafing in Panera before work and during my break. It'd be fun to get the first draft of the story finished, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. Kaity's leaving for the weekend for her father's birthday while I'm staying in Jax to work, so there's a decent chance. I've had a hankering lately to play some Medieval II, so that might throw a wrench into the working process.

The beard is gone. The hair remains, but may be the next to go. After you've had long hair and full untrimmed facial hair for a while, it starts to feel suffocating, like your face is always wrapped in a fleece blanket or something.

I think a story of mine goes up tomorrow on Aphelion, not sure though. Check back to see how bad I choked on the presentation and if the story's up.


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