Friday, December 11, 2009

Good lord.

Where have I been?

I'm just now emerging from the grave of schoolwork after having clawed my way up from under papers and exams. Coupled with the holidays, it just doesn't make for convenience.

Classes have gone well. I'm guaranteed A's in two of four classes, the other two I'm waiting to hear about. It's been a good semester, overall. Next semester promises to pummel me into oblivion. I'm excited though, because I'm taking a class on ancient Rome, the Crusades and a fiction workshop class. I'm kind of hoping I can finagle my history professors to let me write some historical fiction on Rome and the Crusades instead of papers. Gods, that'd be orgasmic.

Speaking of writing, things are going pretty damn good. Flashing Swords, as my friend puts it, went "tits up". So my story, 'Conquest', has made an ignominious return to the eponymous slush pile. I have a story appearing soon at Moon Drenched Fables, another in a print magazine by Black Matrix Publishing titled Realms, and I have others coming at Bewildering Stories and ResAliens. A few other things are in the works, we'll see about them soon.


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