Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Is The End

First: This post isn't aimed at anyone or anything in particular.


I'm never critiquing another person's writing again, nor am I going above and beyond the requirements to try and help.

Woah Kris, what happened?

Nothing in particular. I'm simply tired of extending excessive generosity and not having it returned, even in the slightest. I've gone out of my way to read and critique stories for people I've never even met, and again and again, I get spit in the eye. Oh sure. You're busy, this happened, that came up, I haven't had time. I found the time. So screw you.

I write best completely and utterly alone. I realize that I don't want your critiques. I don't want your opinion. I'm confident enough to write without the kudos of strangers, and I'm also confident enough to submit my work to magazines with the very real possibility of rejection. So I absolutely don't need your two cents. And I definitely don't care to hear that you "really liked" my story, or you thought I used unnecessary "fowl (sic) language". Sure, I write because I love being published.

But mostly, I write for me.

And all things are as they should be.

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