Friday, October 9, 2009

The Assassin, The Star and The Steel-Faced Man published at Residential Aliens

My story, The Assassin, The Star and The Steel-Faced Man is now published at Residential Aliens. It's a blend of space opera, sci-fi and old-fashioned noir. It's actually one of several stories involving a character I created named Quintus Vant. Another is scheduled to appear sometime in the relative future at Bewildering Stories, more news on that sometime in the future. Here's the link.

Writing has become extremely schizophrenic for me these past few days as I've been caught up in a lot of school work. I received an "A" for my Frankenstein paper, which was a huge load off my shoulders. Still waiting on results back for a response paper in another class and an exam from another, which tests the nerves. I haven't been reading much either.

Kaity and I saw the Rifftrax Live Event for Plane 9 From Outer Space last night. The volume was a tad too high, but otherwise it was extremely funny and an enjoyable experience. Popcorn and Buncha Crunch was had. Laughs were emitted.


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