Friday, September 18, 2009

Shisha and Shrimp Paste

We just got back from trying out a new local place called 'Bowl Pho' that replaced an old Cheeburger. The atmosphere (minus the screaming infant) was awesome and the food was decent. The tastiest thing was the lemongrass chicken I accidentally ordered. Lots of weird things on the menu, various shrimp pastes or pork jello, you get the picture. Service was a bit sporadic but it only opened like a day or so ago. Afterwards we went to Sahara cafe, partook of a blueberry flavored shisha and some Red Stripe beer. If nothing else, the belly dancer was gorgeous, if not amazingly skilled.

Classes are progressing well. My presentation in pop lit is done, so that's a big weight off. The Spanish II homework is done for now, as is the quiz, though I have a presentation to think about in that class. Writer's Workshop is going well, all my critiques and posts are up to date. The biggest thing is a paper for my Monsters, Robots and Cyborgs class which is due this Wednesday, coupled with reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'd read most of it before but burned out.

And my writing? Meh. I did finally finish a draft for my new story but I haven't touched it since. I've written maybe a good few thousand words for a new story but it's still in its gestation. How does one balance writing with work and/or school? Not easily, especially if you hold yourself to a status quo of expecting a certain amount of work in a period of time. Needless to say, it's bothersome for me. So I'm trying not to beat myself up over not having finished this or that. How many times have I been published? Quite a few. How many more stories of mine are appearing across the web? Even more. I have chickens in the hatchery, waiting to hear from a lot of places for different stories. So it's illogical to feel lazy, right? Right.



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