Friday, September 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good: Just got back from a relaxing day at my family's house in Saint Augustine. It was fun hanging out with them, seeing my grandparents, eating more food than is recommended. Had an inner celebration for my latest, greatest news. A certain print magazine has decided to buy a certain story of mine. Details forthcoming, but nothing yet.

The Bad: I'm quite literally buried under a mountain of reading for my class right now. Article after article, short stories and novels. I would like to finish 'Things Fall Apart' sometime in the next month, but my classes and I just don't seem to agree. The pace of school is picking up, and right now I'm thanking myself for doing my presentation early and saving myself the stress. I received an 88 for it, not the grade I was hoping for, but not bad. I also broke the handle of my new throwing axe yesterday. Bound to happen really, no doubt I can make a new one.

The Ugly: Ripped my shorts open yesterday when sitting down into my car. Anyone who's ripped a pair of shorts or pants knows how ignoble it feels.


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