Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hidden Leaves

Funny how things (might) work out.

Few years ago, I was an undergrad taking Contemporary Ethical Issues, a class I didn't care about and barely passed. I spent most of that class (re)reading books like Frankenstein and the Hagakure.

Flash forward a few years, and I'm standing in front of that very same room, lecturing on the Hagakure to a class of (seemingly) fairly involved and interested students.

I don't ascribe to any religion. And yet, I'm certainly not an atheist. So what the fuck am I? I ask this periodically. I don't accept words like "agnostic" or whatever other categories there may be that might fit me. But there are times, like today, that everything seems premeditated, nothing seems irrelevant, or maybe the better word is accidental. The question goes unanswered, as always.

Nothing ever ends. It's not good or bad, necessarily. I'll continue to barely keep my head above the rising tide of quizzes and exams (this is my second and last semester as a grader, small good it will do me in the fall) while I fight tooth and fingernail for every last scrap of creative time I can get. This vast, vast summer is approaching, and for now it remains completely open. For better or worse.

Sure would be nice if someone could buy something and leave me some positive feedback.


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