Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's only been about 8 months, figured I'd chime in here, barking in the dark - yes, that's it - maybe it'll revive the blogging spirit within me. Something about the equation of blogging/writing/reading/schoolwork just doesn't work for me. My problem is that I need to establish some kind of routine, easier said than done.

Anyway, big stuff first. I graduated in December. I loved school so much that I just couldn't bear to leave yet, so now I'm a graduate student for European History. So far, it's been an adjustment. Takes a lot more preparation and work than any undergrad class did. But I think I'm finding a new tempo.

Another big thing. I'll be an uncle in a couple of months! Not bad, I say. This isn't news to anyone in my family, but it's worth repeating. Pretty exciting.

Beyond that, there's the usual publication news. My story 'Fatherhood' just recently appeared at Redstone Science Fiction, you can check it out here.


Also, two anthologies featuring some work by yours truly have recently come out. Check them out. Roll the Bones by Fight On! and ResAliens Issue 5 from ResAliens.



Hopefully I can finally learn to keep up with this blog.


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