Saturday, October 17, 2009

Date Night

Kaity and I just got back from a night on the town. First destination was the new Bento's in the St. John's Town Center. I forget what she had, some kind of beef noodles, but I had a spicy Katsu chicken bowl. Afterwards we took a short, bloated walk through Toys 'R' Us to shake it off.

I took Kaity to a driving range afterwards. At first she couldn't even hit the ball, but after a little work she was getting it about 80 yards or so. The UNF driving range is such a ripoff, they charge you to rent clubs and their clubs are total garbage. I did okay, can't even remember the last time I used a golf club.

Things are pretty relaxed here. Just recently finished a story and submitted it. Got a few rejections, but no writer worth his/her salt can afford to be discouraged, that just comes with the trade.

I'd forgotten to post this here, but my story 'Enchanto' was just recently published at Yellow Mama. Here's the link.


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